Creative Peacemakers

Creative Peacemakers is an after-school art enrichment experience for children in Kindergarten through fourth grade. Our mission is to bring peace to our communities by helping our children practice peacemaking using cooperative play and creative expression–including drawing, weaving, painting, sculpture, dance, music, collage, gardening, and cooking.

Visit Creative Peacemakers page on St. George’s website.

Visit the Creative Peacemakers website to learn more!

The Center for Art & Spirit

The Center for Art and Spirit at St. George provides sacred space for our community and region. We strive to be inclusive of various faith traditions, systems of knowing, and ways of reaching for the divine. We assert that recovery, music, visual art, movement, dance, education, and meditation, as well as fostering relationship between religions and being companions along the way can all be holy activities.

Click here to learn more about events at the Center.

Creation Care

St. George’s believes that care of the environment is a primary concern. This year we became a member of Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina and are working on ways to care for our planet and all the creatures and people who live on it. We are starting small–with thermostats, light bulbs, compost, and gardens. And we are thinking bigger–we’re working towards solar panels and talking about ways to empower our community.

Please visit Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina to learn more about what they are doing and what we are doing together.