Our services are joyful as well as reverent. Laughter is encouraged. Dress is comfortable. Children are welcome.


As part of the Episcopal Communion, we share a prayer book, hymnal, and readings with all other Episcopal churches. Yet our worship is eclectic, including music and prayers from many sources. We celebrate Eucharist every Sunday. We offer wine and homemade bread, as well as gluten-free bread and grape juice.

You will be invited to sing along with the piano, harp, cello, or organ. And you will be welcomed to stay for coffee hour. Because we are a small church we will miss you when you are away and our worship will be richer because you are here.

Our campus is fully accessible to people of all abilities, and we generally enter by the green ramp at the side of the upper level of the building (beside the playground). But you may of course enter by the main red doors to the church. During the service, we’ll welcome you to sit in a comfortable chair–we arrange them in a horseshoe, facing each other. Most of us dress casually–you may find us in dresses, jeans, slacks, button-ups, cowboy boots, t-shirts, or sneakers.


We believe in intergenerational worship. Children are invited to participate fully in the liturgy. But it is also appropriate for them to be engaged in their own way, listening to hymns and prayers as they color or play. We do not expect them to be silent. Our children’s area has toys, pillows, books, and fidgets that can be used on the carpet or taken to your seat.

We are—and we welcome—neurodiverse children and adults. Please let us know if you would like to discuss the best way to acquaint your child with our space.

All are welcome at Christ’s table because we are one family.