Some notes about the service:

We are a small church with deep roots. We welcome people of all walks of life. Our services are joyful as well as reverent. Laughter is encouraged. Dress is comfortable. We strive to love & honor one another deeply & authentically, to seek justice & peace in our community, & to extending radical love & hospitality—truly welcoming all.

Families with young children, kids are welcome to move around in the sanctuary, make noise & explore. There are ways to help out: lighting candles, ringing the bell, reading, or helping with the offering. Let the greeter know if a little one would like to help! Kids have a corner of the sanctuary designed with them in mind, however families and children are welcome to sit anywhere in the sanctuary. There is a peace garden outside where children can play as well as a playground. There is a changing table in the hallway bathroom. Clergy and all adults working with children receive Safeguarding God’s Children training to protect children from abuse. Look for a coloring page in the back of the bulletin. Please let us know how we can best support your family.

The liturgy (meaning worship structure & the words we use) comes from The Book of Common PrayerEnriching Our Worship, & The New Zealand Book of Common Prayer (He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa). We intentionally use expansive language for God & people when possible, meaning that we do not only refer to God as ‘he’ or to people as ‘men.’ Other than the hymns, everything the congregations says & sings is in the bulletin in bold italics.   

We are–and we welcome–people of different abilities. Our campus is fully accessible to people of all abilities, and we generally enter by the green ramp at the side of the upper level of the building (beside the playground). We welcome neurodiverse children and adults. Please let us know if you would like to discuss the best way to acquaint you or your child with our space.

Visitors, please let us know a little about you by filling out a Newcomers Form & putting it in the offering basket during the offertory or in the box by the side door leading to the hallway. Thanks! 

Communion—we share the Eucharist weekly. In our tradition, it is customary to be baptized before receiving communion. Please let Rev. Erin know if you would like to be baptized. That said, all are welcome to receive communion–baptized or not. There should be nothing that keeps any of us from accepting God’s invitation to this holy meal.

We believe that Jesus is present in the bread & wine that have been blessed, broken, & shared. We receive this holy food in remembrance of all that God has done for us, & in hope that through it we will be renewed & strengthened in faith & service. We have juice & gluten-free bread for folks who would like or need them. Please let us know. All who wish to may come forward to form a semi-circle below the altar steps. If you would prefer to receive a blessing, please come forward & cross your arms in front of you.   

Our worship is richer because you are here.    

May you feel God’s love & grace in this place!